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Sustainable Employeeship

Ahlsell is never better than our employees who drive us forward. Training, health, equality and diversity are all part of our work for sustainable employeeship. Not only is this the basis for our sustainability work, but also for the success of the entire company.

We believe that we perform and feel better when we feel that our work environment, our working methods and our working relationships are functioning and growing. We also believe that sustainability is about creating conditions for engagement and motivation. Working at Ahlsell should be sustainable, both today and tomorrow. This is what we mean by sustainable employeeship. 

Current figures for the Sustainable Employeeship focus area

Updated: Q4 2021
Proportion of female employees at year-end 2021: 29%
Proportion of women in managerial positions: 22%
Employee survey, job satisfaction 2021: 74
Employee survey, loyalty 2021: 83
Total employee turnover 2021: 10%

Goal for 2025

Inclusion index 85, employee survey (index 2021:77)
The proportion of female employees should be 40% (currently 29%)
The proportion of female managers should be 30% (currently 22%)

Inclusion and Diversity

Here at Ahlsell, we strive to make use of everyone’s differences in the form of skills, qualities, etc. so that everyone feels involved and included. This is done at all levels and in all areas because we are convinced that it is a prerequisite for success.


We want to promote an inclusive culture in order to attract, recruit, develop and retain the right competence. We can also see that more perspectives enable us to generate better offers for our customers, which in turn increases our profitability.​ An inclusive organizational culture also creates a high level of commitment among employees, leading to continuous development of the business with increased productivity.​


Representing our society lets us do good business with our customers while creating a more fun work environment.

Our definition of diversity​

Everything that makes us unique as individuals, i.e. variations between people in general, but also more specifically based on gender, ethnic background, religion or belief, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age and educational background.


Our definition of inclusion​

We take responsibility for ensuring that everyone feels involved and is able to contribute fully to our business.​ We create a culture where it is easy to be yourself and reach your full potential through openness, respect and mutual consideration.

Job Satisfaction & Loyalty

Our job satisfaction is the most important thing we have. The fact that we are motivated, and feel both content and satisfied with our work is a critical success factor for Ahlsell. We believe that job satisfaction is also a prerequisite for a sustainable working life, and we want to contribute to this.


It is our responsibility to create the conditions for every employee’s job satisfaction. And since job satisfaction can mean different things for different people, we need to be flexible and creative in order to create an environment to enable this in different ways. That’s why we need managers and leaders with an attentive and agile leadership style.


We are also very proud of our employees' loyalty. We believe it is linked to the high level of job satisfaction and commitment our employees feel. And this is what helps us to go that extra mile, both for each other and for our customers in their everyday lives.

Our challenges in the Sustainable Employeeship focus area

Sustainability Global Goal 5 Ahlsell

5. Equality

Ahlsell operates in an industry that has traditionally been—and still is—male-dominated, which is a challenge. This is why we work actively to promote both gender and social equality, both within the company and within the industry.

Sustainability Global Goal 8 Ahlsell

8. Decent work and economic growth

Although we take decent working conditions for granted in the Nordic region, we still must be vigilant and demand that our supply chain upholds this. The industry’s raw material extraction and production often takes place in countries with poorer control, but there are also risks in the Nordic region. These are often, but not exclusively, linked to foreign subcontractors or contract workers without the same job security.

Our other focus areas

Message from Ahlsell

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