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Ahlsell has long been the first choice for many professionals and builders of society thanks to our wide range of products and expertise. We have always taken pride in making our customers’ everyday lives easier. But today we require more. Everything we deliver now needs to be better than ever, while at the same time minimizing our climate impact. We also need to do our best to ensure that our products are manufactured with respect for human rights and the environment. Working with sustainability is a long-term and continuous process that encompasses our entire organization.

In this sustainability section, we want to tell you about our work towards becoming a more sustainable company, as well as how our operations contribute to societal development. It is also easy to find our guidelines, certificates and various projects we are pursuing for increased sustainability. ​

Our sustainability work and our role in society

​Our sustainability work has five focus areas: Reduced Environmental Impact, Responsible Sourcing, Health & Safety and Innovation and Cooperation, based on Sustainable Employeeship – the solid foundation that our employees represent. Under Our Focus Areas, you can read more about our work with the environment, sustainability and innovations, how we work with our supply chain and how we ensure our employees' health and well-being and that they can grow and operate in a safe work environment. The choice of focus areas is based on an analysis of what is important for our stakeholders and Ahlsell's opportunities to influence and make a difference. We also present the latest statistics from our systematic sustainability work. Our role in society describes exactly that: What we do to contribute to Swedish social developments. This is where we showcase projects we are particularly proud of and talk about how we work in relation to the global development goals. ​

​Hopefully, you will still have follow-up questions after your visit. Contact us here if you have any questions about our sustainability work. We are happy to answer your questions.


How we work with sustainability

Focus areas – Our role in society


More about our sustainability work


A vision to actively contribute to building a more sustainable society


In the autumn of 2021, Ahlsell announced a new vision called “We are building a more sustainable society” – an improved description of what our business and offerings is aimed at. Together with a developed strategic framework, we now have a comprehensive roadmap for how we can and will work in an integrated manner for sustainable growth and to create value. This relates to both our own and our customers’ sustainability goals, and also how we can contribute to a sustainable society together.


With that being said, we are aware that we have a long way to go to in order to achieve a climate-neutral value chain with resource-efficient and circular flows of materials and products.

You can find us everywhere where people stay, work and live their lives.

As a leading distributor, we drive development together with professionals who work with manufacturing, installations, building, repairs and maintenance. We have a wide range of sustainable products and services, and world-class specialist knowledge and logistics. Therefore, it is our job to make the everyday life of professionals easier.

Message from Ahlsell

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