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Camera surveillance

We process your personal data to protect us, you and all our customers against various types of crime such as theft, vandalism, threats, and to prevent unauthorized access to our premises.

The information applies to the following addresses:

Addresses to stores:

Stores | Ahlsell


Addresses to other locations:

Regementsgatan 34, 46 232, Vänersborg

Bergslagsgatan 6, 411 01, Göteborg

Industrigatan 11-13, 467 40, Grästorp

Bultgatan 9, 442 40, Kungälv

Kumla Gårdsväg, 8-10, 145 63, Norsborg

The areas we monitor with cameras are marked with signs.

Purpose for personal data processing

We monitor our premises with the help of cameras to prevent, avert and to deter crime.

Personal data processing

When you are in areas, our premises, that are monitored by cameras, we process the images of you captured by the camera. We do not record sound. 

We only access video material if an incident has occurred. We provide visual material to authorities, law enforcement, if a crime is suspected.

Legal ground and your rights

We base our processing of your personal data on a legitimate interest. I.e., the processing is necessary to prevent and avert crime, on our premises and against staff or visitors, as well as to be able to hand over recorded material to authorities, law enforcement, if a crime is suspected.

If the cameras capture information about violations of the law, our processing of this information is necessary for the establishment, enforcement, or defense of legal claims.

For more information about your rights under the GDPR see our Privacy Policy.


We store recorded material (visual) for 30 days.

Data Controller, Recipients and Data Processors

Ahlsell Sverige AB is the Data Controller for the personal data processing.

Recorded material (visual) is available for our Personal Data Processor (s) i.e., partner (s) (company) carrying out camera surveillance on our behalf.

We provide recorded material (visual) to authorities, law enforcement, if a crime is suspected.

This page was published/updated 2023-09-21.

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