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Automated Storage Systems

An automated storage system that is stocked with consumables, for example, will help you create a better flow – and increase security.

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  • With the help of ID tags and integration with existing data systems, the user signs off on the products that are needed
  • The right person gets the right product, which increases personal safety
  • You have full control over consumption, and the machine is automatically refilled based on given parameters
  • Availability increases and costs decrease

When you want full control over consumption and/or a storage facility where it is needed with 24/7 availability, an automated storage system can be the right solution. The machines are available in different sizes and designs to suit different product lines. They can also be combined with options such as lockable cabinets.

Product lines and users are managed in the vending machine software, where you can also control who may take out which items. You can usually use existing access cards, tags or similar to control access to the vending machine.

Replenishment orders can be created automatically and sent electronically to Ahlsell. You can easily refill the machine yourself or with the help of an external partner.

We work together to analyze needs and find both the right range and best model of automated storage system.

Replenishment orders can be created automatically and sent electronically to Ahlsell. Refilling the machine is an additional service we offer, but you can also choose to do it yourself. Replenishment deliveries are made according to the agreed frequency, whether daily or on specific days.

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