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Flexible Storage Solutions

Efficient storage wherever you work

Some products need to be kept close at hand at all times, while others may need to be replenished regularly. We know that many workplaces have limited space – that’s why we’ve developed Flexible Storage Solutions. A logistics service that gives you a good overview of stock levels and consumption, simple and smart ordering functions and efficient storage solutions.

This service is only available on the Swedish market. 

The storage solutions are customized to your particular requirements; whether it's a large on-site operations storage facility or convenient in-vehicle storage.

The right solution for your needs

We call our service “Flexible Storage Solutions” because the aim is to find the right solution for your needs. Regardless of which solution you choose, it can be adapted and optimized to suit your requirements.

Your needs are always in focus, which is why we can work together to customize and tailor an optimal storage solution.

  • We conduct a needs analysis with a review of your product range and users, goods flows and logistics, as well as your storage locations.
  • The solution can be supplemented with customized services, service levels and products.

Every customer is unique, which is why our solution is flexible and adaptable. We package a solution that best suits your needs. In addition to Ahlsell’s in-stock range, we can to a large extent also handle special ranges that are unique to different customers. We can customize deliveries and provide statistics and reporting functions. 

Services in Flexible Storage Solutions

Storage & Systems and Packed & Ready are multi-solution service packages within Flexible Storage Solutions that help to ease your daily work by ensuring that you have a stock of everything you need, where you need it, plus smart deliveries and more. Sign up for one or combine the ones that suit you and your operations.

Streamline further with complementary solutions

We are happy to help you with complementary solutions to make sure that everything is there when you need it.

Refill Service

We'll help you to place the products in the right place in your storage facility.

Our staff or business partners can help you with stock management, inventory, ordering, restocking, etc.



Storage Management Container Rentals Ahlsell

Container Rentals

Simple and flexible storage, in or next to the actual workplace.

If you need extra storage space, you can rent it for shorter or longer periods via your Ahlsell contact. Read more about containers here.


Storage Management Shelving System Ahlsell

Shelving System

Durable and easy-to-work concepts for warehouses and storage facilities.



Storage Management Handscanner Ahlsell

Hand Scanner

Can be rented and used to supplement – or replace – your mobile phone.


Storage Management Access Control Ahlsell

Access Control

Control and check who enters the storage facility.

For our container solution, we can offer access control using ID06.



Storage Management Consignment Stock Ahlsell

Consignment Stock

Ahlsell prepares and owns the storage, while you pay a monthly fee and an item withdrawal fee.

A “shop” that is open 24/7. Ahlsell owns and operates the storage facility and restocking is generated automatically based on predetermined order parameters. You register withdrawals and pay for the actual consumption, as well as a monthly fee depending on the shop's size and service level.


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