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Logistics center in Hallsberg

The logistics center in Hallsberg is the heart of Ahlsell’s Swedish operations. The warehouse is one of the largest in Europe, about 80,000 square meters under one roof, and is also one of the Nordic region’s most important transport hubs. Around 1,100 people work here, almost around the clock, to ensure that our customers receive the right products at the right time and in the right place. Here thought we'd tell you more about Hallsberg and how everything actually progresses from order to delivery, which we’re very proud to say usually takes less than 24 hours.

Welcome to Hallsberg!

Did you know this about Hallsberg?

  • The logistics center was completed in 1990, and since then the warehouse has expanded from 28,000 square meters to today’s approximately 90,000 square meters (indoors)
  • The central warehouse in Hallsberg is one of the largest in Europe and also one of the Nordic region’s most important hubs for transport.
  • Around 180 trucks with 4,800 cubic meters of goods pass through our central warehouse every day, all year round.
  • To handle the large volumes, we have a customized information system that gives us great precision in our logistics work.

Work environment management at the Logistics Center

Active and purposeful work environment management is important to Ahlsell. At the logistics center, we have set a number of strategic goals for work environment management, where we clarify the areas on which we want to focus:

Create good and developing workplace conditions

  • Promote employee health
  • Have clear processes and procedures for work environment management
  • Increase collaboration between employers and employees
  • Zero tolerance for unfair treatment and discrimination

Shop with us

Would you like to shop with us and experience our fantastic logistics for yourself?

Contact us at the Logistics Center

Do you need to contact us at the Logistics Center in Hallsberg? It’s easy to do right here!

Message from Ahlsell

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