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Packed & Ready Labeling Ahlsell


Improve structure with labeling

With the help of clear labeling, you can simplify receipt of goods and ensure that everything ends up in the right place straight away, regardless of whether the goods are to continue on their way or you want to create a clear storage structure. Simply improve the structure with labeling.

packed and ready icon labeling.jpg

An easy way to keep things orderly – affix one of two picking label variants to each item.

  • Picking label A: Ahlsell’s article number in barcode format
  • Picking label B: Customer's article number in barcode format

Content label

Good structure right from the receipt of goods. Content labels allow you to see which items the package contains.

BEAST label

Provides you with comprehensive and relevant information. BEAST labels give you the option of specifying the various field headings for the package in question, so that the contents go to the right place straight off. This service is not currently available in the webshop.

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