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Packed & Ready Ahlsell

Packed & Ready

We know that your working days can look very different. Sometimes things happen suddenly, while other times things go exactly as planned. And we want to give you the opportunity to be flexible, no matter what happens. That's why we've developed our logistics services with your reality in mind. There are four areas where we can make a real difference together: efficiency, sustainability, control and structure.

These services are only available on the Swedish market. 


Decide how you want your items!

  • Decide how your items should be packed
  • Simplify operations with clear labeling
  • Full control of the delivery method and delivery time
  • Notifications keep you up-to-date on status
  • Safer goods management with unloading

We focus on freedom of choice, so that you can get what you need when, where and how you want it. You can use individual services or combine them as you wish – for specific occasions or during ongoing projects. To put it simply, we can adapt all of our deliveries to suit your needs.

Save on time, staff and costs.


Shorter distances ensure health, ergonomics and reduced emissions.


Control planning and delivery flow.


Clear labeling improves structure.


Logistics services, right from the webshop

You can now decide whether you want a content label, a picking label with article number, your goods to be co-packed, or to collect your goods directly from the carrier terminal. At checkout, you will see which services are available for your product purchase.

Services that makes everyday work easier

For smoother and more efficient working days.

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