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Laundry Service

Smarter laundry in every way

Every day, clothes are worn and get dirty in our workplaces. These clothes signal a sense of belonging and are the face of the company. At the same time, clothing is important from a safety and functional perspective.

With our Laundry Service, we'll make sure your workwear always does the job it needs to do. If the need arises, we'll mend your clothes instead of replacing them. This is a smart way to extend the life of your clothes.

This service is only available on the Swedish market. 

1. Only pay for what you use

Your clothes – your choice

With our solution, you'll always own your clothes and you'll only pay for the parts of the service you actually use.

Select your preferred clothes from our complete selection and decide how often they should be washed. Of course, we can help you with profile printing and labeling if you require that too.

2. Mend the clothes instead of buying new

A more sustainable solution

Workwear is more prone to wear and tear than ordinary clothing. Laundry Service includes mending whenever possible. Mending clothes instead of buying new items contributes to more resource-efficient management without compromising on safety and function.

3. Delivered and stocked

World-class logistics

Use our nationwide and flexible logistics solution to find the delivery option that best suits your needs.

When you choose your delivery days, you also decide how we should make the delivery. We'll make sure you have your clothes when and where you need them.

4. Nationwide suppliers

Experienced laundry facilities

We work with several experienced laundry facilities all over the country. With our laundry solutions, you'll always have clean and intact workwear when and where you need them.



Laundry Service – How it works

Choose your ideal solution

Your sales representative at Ahlsell will help you choose the best solution for your needs. This includes clothing selection and handling.

Sweden’s widest range of workwear can be found in your Ahlsell store or in our webshop. Of course, we can also help you with profile print and labeling.

Adjust your service level

Only pay for what you use. In addition to the basic agreement, you only pay for what we wash, repair and deliver – nothing else.

Choose your required service level based on your needs. When everything is ready, we'll deliver your clothes to your workplace.

Laundry Service Clotheshanger Ahlsell

Laundry Service – More than just clean clothes

  • Increased cost control for your laundry
  • Extend the life of your workwear
  • Everything from one place – a one-stop solution for both workwear and laundry

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