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Private label products header

Private Label Products

Ahlsell has offered its own private label products for several years. Today, the range covers most product categories. All of these products have one thing in common – they've all been developed based on your needs.

Greater choice and value for money

Our private label products give you greater choice and affordable alternatives to the other established brands. And with private label products, we can monitor their journey all the way from the factory to the store shelf.


  • a-collection, installation products in most segments
  • Activewear, work clothes and personal protective equipment
  • FIXX, attachment with a smart storage system
  • Flex, power tools
  • Innova
  • Ironside, tools
  • KCC
Person in helmet

High Standards

Ahlsell sets high standards for its own imports from China

Ahlsell imports about 10 percent of its products from countries outside the EU, primarily from China. Before we enter into a collaboration, we check that the supplier or manufacturer complies with applicable legislation and Ahlsell’s Code of Conduct.

IRCA Certification

The inspectors are certified by IRCA and use the SA 8000 system as a tool during their supplier control. Inspections are carried out in the factories that manufacture our products. We also set requirements for the raw materials purchased. In the event of product changes, a new inspection is carried out.

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