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Packed & Ready Delivery Ahlsell


Manage your delivery

Whether early in the morning, next week or as soon as possible – you can choose how and when your goods are delivered. More terminals and increased availability provide even more flexibility.


A new service developed to offer you even earlier delivery options. The service is available for recipients within 10 km of the carrier terminal. In many places, it is also available for greater distances – contact your salesperson for more information.

Delivery before 10:00 am

When you want to receive your goods early. This service is available in most places where Schenker makes daily deliveries.

Time-specific delivery

When you want your delivery to arrive at a set time. We will deliver your goods at the time you selected, ± 30 minutes. Orders must be received by 15:00 the day before. A delivery time between 08:00 and 14:00 can be selected. This service is not currently available in the webshop.

Contracted time-specific delivery

For when you want recurring time-specific delivery, either until further notice or for a specific project. We will deliver your goods at the chosen time, ± 30 minutes, on an ongoing basis as agreed. The price is based on your delivery needs. This service is not currently available in the webshop.


Here you can download a PDF document to see which services are available by zip code

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