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Ahlsell's history header

Ahlsell’s history

Here we take you on a journey through Ahlsell’s history, from the company's founding up to today.


John Bernström & Jakob Törnblad start John Bernström & Co

Ahlsell’s history dates back to the 1800s, specifically March 1, 1877. Engineers John Bernström and Jakob Tornblad started the sales company John Bernström & Co, which sold pumps and threshing machines. The customers were mainly mechanical workshops, sawmills and other industries.
The company quickly became one of the country’s largest and most reputable machinery companies.

Brothers Rudolf and Herman Ahlsell found R Ahlsell & Co

The name Ahlsell first appears in 1903, when brothers Rudolf and Herman Ahlsell founded R Ahlsell & Co. The company provided its customers with gasworks appliances, coal and transport plants, boilers and chamotte bricks.

In 1909, the company began selling cast tubes and enameled sanitary equipment. This was made possible by the merger of R Ahlsell & Co and Ahrens, which was founded back in 1885. The company had its premises at Mäster Samuelsgatan 32 in central Stockholm.


The range is expanded

From the mid-1920s, customers were offered a wider range of products: pipes, fittings, pumps, heating, sanitation, etc. To meet growing spatial requirements, warehouses were rented in Albano outside Roslagstull in Stockholm. One important reason for the expansion in the 1920s was that Ahlsell & Ahrens merged with Bernström & Co in 1922. The new name was Ahlsell & Bernström.

Expansion in the Swedish market

In the 1960s, expansion in the Swedish market continued with several acquisitions. In 1962 it was time to change the name again, this time to Ahlsell & Ågren AB. The company’s shares were first listed on the stock exchange in 1964.




First “quick-service store” opens

In the early 1970s, the first “quick-service store” opened on Norra Stationsgatan in Stockholm, a self-service pick-up warehouse with many loyal customers. They also started the Comfort chain, which would support heating and plumbing installers in competition with department stores.
Just in time for the 100th anniversary, 1977, the company name was changed to Ahlsell AB.
The range was further expanded in the 1990s with Cooling and Do-It-Yourself (DIY).


Ahlsell today

During the 2000s, Ahlsell developed into a modern international trading company in the product areas of Heating & Plumbing, Electrical, Tools and Machinery, Cooling and DIY. Companies with their own valuable traditions and knowledge both inside and outside Sweden have been acquired and have become important parts of the Group.



Message from Ahlsell

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