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Employees Hallsberg Ahlsell

Health and Safety

Ahlsell wants to be the Nordic professional’s first choice when it comes to safety solutions for the workplace. We want our employees to feel the same sense of security when they go to work.

Long-term vision: zero work-related accidents.

Current figures for the Health and Safety focus area

Updated: R12 Q4 2021
Work-related accidents (number): 23
Employee absence due to illness: 5%

Employee safe workplace Ahlsell

Safe Workplace

Our most important responsibility to our employees is a safe workplace. We take safety very seriously and work actively and systematically to both prevent and reduce the number of injuries at the workplace. Risk assessments, safety inspections and various inspections of pallet racks, forklift trucks, machinery, etc. are performed at specific intervals. Accidents and near-accidents that have occurred are documented and managed in a digital reporting system where preventive measures are decided in order to prevent recurrence.


The majority of injuries to Ahlsell’s employees occur at our logistics center. And that's why we have a number of different safety rules and directives relating to hot work, emergency preparedness and systematic fire protection work. We also have clear security procedures for incidents at our stores (such as robbery and threats). All our salespeople use Edition cars with the highest score in Euro NCAP (The European New Car Assessment Programme). We also work continuously with preventive information and training. Examples include introduction training for new employees, plus forklift, ergonomics, heavy lifting and first aid training. Read more about how we ensure our employees' health and well-being in the Sustainable Employeeship focus area.

Store personal protective clothing Ahlsell

The customers’ first choice

Our vision of zero work-related accidents does not stop with us. Over the years, we have built up extensive experience and knowledge in the Health & Safety area.


In 2020, we took another step in our efforts to help as many of our customers as possible work with safety and security in their respective workplaces. Back then, we launched the Health & Safety concept at Ahlsell, which customizes everything from the right products to training courses and expertise. This is an area where our core business and our sustainability goals go hand in hand. We want to be the customers’ first choice when it comes to both products and complete solutions for increased safety in the workplace.


Our challenges in the Health & Safety focus area

Sustainability Global Goal 8 Ahlsell

8. Decent work and economic growth

Although we take decent working conditions for granted in the Nordic region, we still must be vigilant and demand that our supply chain upholds this. The industry’s raw material extraction and production often takes place in countries with poorer control, but there are also risks in the Nordic region. These are often, but not exclusively, linked to foreign subcontractors or contract workers without the same job security.

Sustainability Global Goal 12 Ahlsell

12. Responsible consumption and production

Responsible extraction and recycling is one of our industry’s major challenges. We need to increase our focus on circular processes and also reward circularity. This requires a gradual phase-out of hazardous substances and any substances that can't be circulated.

Our other focus areas

Message from Ahlsell

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