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Profile Printing

Stylish and safe with profiled clothing

Make sure everyone knows who's doing the job. Order profiling when placing your workwear order. No intermediaries – no hassle. Branded workwear strengthens the brand and provides a sense of team spirit and cohesion among employees. It gives the company a more professional look.

This service is only available on the Swedish market. 

In a state-of-the-art facility, we print and embroider clothing in printing and embroidery machines using the latest technology. In most of our stores around the country, we also have a “minute service” for smaller batches.

How we profile your personal protective clothing and workwear:

  • Transfers with decals and labels for company logos etc., can be used on virtually all garments
  • Printed names become a personal complement to the logo (transfer)
  • Embroidery provides a more exclusive feel (not available on all garments)
  • Name embroidery is both high quality and personal
  • Reflective tape can be printed on one or both sleeve ends for increased visibility
  • Customized solutions tailored to your needs

Order directly at checkout when you buy protective clothing online or order smaller batches in-store.

Profile Printing Ahlsell

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