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Individual Account Personal Protection

The right equipment for the right person

Give employees the opportunity to buy their own protective equipment – with control measures in place. The Individual Account gives individual employees the opportunity to order their own workwear, shoes and other technical protection based on agreed product ranges for a specific period of time and for a fixed amount.

This service is only available on the Swedish market. 

The employee can easily order from the selected protective product range, either in-store or online. The product range is predetermined so that it follows the company’s chosen colors, logos and selectable items.

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Advantages with Individual Account:

  • Less administration – purchasing is delegated to the individual employee
  • Cost control – gives the company control over employee purchasing costs
  • Control of which personal protection product range will be used
  • The right equipment provides a high level of safety by ensuring that the right protective equipment is used for the right task.
  • Makes it easier for individual employees to purchase products that fit.
  • Employees always have the right branding on their workwear.

Individual Account – How it works

Unique user accounts – Unique user accounts are created for employees with the company’s customer number, for better control and handling of personal protection costs.

User ID at purchase – The employee enters their User ID for all purchases. When purchasing from the webshop, employees log in to confirm their identity. This ensures that the balance is always used by the right person.

Selected range – Personal protection
For the selected range, employee can make purchases up to a certain sum. The range is already predetermined by the company.

Other ranges – The employee can make purchases freely from all other ranges in addition to the selected range. Example: Selected range = workwear. Other items such as gloves, shoes and helmets can be purchased freely within the personal protection range.


Shop where it suits you with an Individual Account

The webshop

  • Each employee has their own account set up for personal protection.
  • The employee can only choose from the preselected personal protection range.
  • The employee sees the balance of their Individual Account for personal protection during checkout.


  • Each employee can buy the selected range directly in the store.
  • Employees confirm their identity with their User ID.
  • The balance is settled automatically in the individual’s account.


  • Place the order via e-mail or a phone call by specifying the unique User ID.

An Individual Account for personal protection lets the company control its selected range and costs, while also providing a flexible solution that lets individual users make purchases on their own. The account is available online, in stores and via sales representatives. Would you like to learn more? Contact your sales representative.

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