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Electrical Safety

Focus on safer electrical work

Being professional in your profession is obviously the foundation of the business, but sometimes the small differences can be crucial. Within this training category, we have gathered training courses for those working in the electricity industry, with everything from small installations in buildings, for example, to complex work in explosive environments or high-voltage installations.

Here you will find courses such as ESA Fackkunnig (The Electrical Safety Instructions Skilled), ESA Instructed Person, Electrical Safety at Work, Instructed Person, Inspection Before Commissioning, EBR (The Electricity Industry's Guidelines) Cable Laying, Practical Electrical Engineering and Practical Electrical Engineering for Property Owners.

Questions about courses and training?

If you have any questions or concerns, you are welcome to contact the responsible training coordinator at the Ahlsell Academy.

Robin Persson


Message from Ahlsell

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