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Construction Logistics for Property Owners

Increase efficiency, reduce overheads, and work more sustainably – discover what our Construction Logistics service can do for you!

Increased efficiency

A good logistics solution helps you to work smarter and more efficiently. Many common time wasters and unnecessary steps can be eliminated when everything you need is in the right place, at the right time. Planning and structure make it easier to maintain order and control the actual work.

Reduced costs

By reducing wait times and optimizing the manpower on site – allowing everyone to do what they do best – the project will be more cost-effective. In addition, better structure and planning of all goods deliveries reduces material waste.

More sustainable production

Construction logistics help you to achieve more sustainable construction. As early as the planning phase, we set joint sustainability goals, which are of course followed up on at the end of the project. To a large extent, the major difference is a significant reduction in the number of vehicles arriving at the workplace, which reduces CO2 emissions.

Choose how you want it!

To ensure that all parts fit the needs of your project, flexibility is the foundation of our Construction Logistics. You simply choose which services to include. Here we have gathered the different components in a clear menu.

Before: Planning

  • Project management
  • Training support
  • Logistics plan
  • Planning of labeling
  • Logistics system
  • Project/logistics analysis




At our premises: Ordering

  • We receive your order
  • We label your goods
  • We pack and seal your goods
  • We ship your goods





On the way: Delivery

  • Direct delivery
  • Via terminal
  • Logistics coordination
  • Coordination with projects
  • Short-term storage
  • External suppliers
  • Relabeling
  • Delivery calendar
  • Fixed route vehicle

On-site: Arrival

  • Checkpoint – delivery inspection
  • Delivery calendar controls transport
  • Coordination manager
  • Unloading help
  • Carrying assistance to the right place
  • Waste management
  • Digital reporting

At your premises: Structure

  • Operations storage management
  • ShopOnSite
  • Replenishment service
  • Leasing
  • Access control
  • Consignment storage



After: Follow-up

  • Project composition
  • Quantitative measurement based on set goals
  • Sustainability follow-up with CO2 measurement
  • Deviation management



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