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Smart Cabinets

Digital and automatic supply cabinet

The smart cabinet has shelves with integrated scales. All collected items are registered with the time, user, item and quantity. Based on weight changes, with an accuracy of 1 gram, the stock balance is updated and checked against order points in a cloud service. The cloud service manages the products and user rights, and creates and sends replenishment orders automatically.

Smart cabinets with digital scale technology – how it works

  • Place the cabinet where you need the products. You have access to what you need 24/7.
  • Automatic identification of users with RFID-based access card.
  • Option of individually controlled access rights.
  • For collected items, there is the possibility for users to register labeling, predefined or with free text. Labeling is linked to the transaction for follow-up.
  • The digital scale technology records every change on the shelf with 1 gram accuracy.
  • The system continuously and automatically updates the stock balance and registers each collected item with the time, number of items and user.
  • The cabinet automatically generates replenishment orders for critical balances.
  • The delivered products are placed in the right box in the cabinet.

Fast, easy and exact

The cabinet can contain up to 100 different items, and we offer a number of different standard versions, but we can also customize the cabinet. With a smart cabinet, you get better control, high availability and automatic orders.

Refill of the storage

Replenishment orders can be created automatically and sent electronically to Ahlsell. Refilling the cabinet is an additional service we offer, but you can also choose to do it yourself. Replenishment deliveries are made according to the agreed frequency, whether daily or on specific days.

How it works:

1. Identify with an access card and register any labeling.

2. Open the cabinet.

3. Choose the products you need. Your withdrawal will be shown on the screen.

4. Close the cabinet. Product withdrawal is registered and the balance is updated.

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