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Slips & Trips

We like having our feet on the ground. Still, about 5,000 people per year are put on sick leave due to same-level falls in Sweden. Slippery stairs, poorly lighted areas or spaces, being in a hurry – accidents happen for any number of reasons.

It happens in nearly all industries, but those who work outdoors are at the greatest risk, particularly in the winter. Even indoors, there is the risk of falls from a short height that could have long-term consequences.

Active protection against slips and trips

The following provide a good foundation for protecting against slips and trips:

Act instead of reacting
Make sure that the workplace is properly cleaned, tidied, lit and signposted; clear snow immediately; and salt and sand to combat ice.

Have the right equipment
Use the right equipment – a good pair of protective shoes suitable for the surface is one example.

Remove excess
Use hose/cable reels where necessary and possible.

Secure the surface
Level out the surface and use anti-slip tape on stairs and other areas where slipping is common.

What are the risks of slippery and uneven surfaces?

You risk being seriously injured. Slips and trips could lead to sick leave, reduced work capacity, a feeling of insecurity and, in the worst case, death. 


There are many potential injuries: concussions, shoulder injuries, wrist injuries, fractures, cuts, etc.

How to protect yourself against accidents related to slipping and tripping.

Start by conducting a risk assessment. Is it possible to eliminate the risks? Keep the workplace clean and tidy.


What you can do: Hang up loose cables; salt, sand or level out the surface. Put up warning signs and barriers, ensure good lighting. Take your time doing your work. Wear protective shoes with good traction.

Choose good protective shoes

Protective shoes with nitrile rubber soles provide good traction and grip well to various slippery indoor and outdoor surfaces, all year round.


If conditions require, also wear slip-on traction cleats or similar.

Other risk areas

Message from Ahlsell

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