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Storage Management Ahlsell

Storage Management

Operations run much smoother if you always have access to the products you need. Our Storage Management service helps you streamline product flow and increase operational reliability. We offer a flexible service where we adapt the solution to your needs.

Optimal storage solutions for your operations

Streamline with Storage Management


Our various storage management solutions optimize your warehouse management and ensure access to important products, making business more efficient. We tailor and adapt solutions so that you have a storage facility with a clear structure and easy management.

All our solutions are designed to make your work easier in several ways, with four focus areas:

Order and control

  • Selected products are registered in the storage system
  • Selected products have a specific place

Easy handling

  • Seamless withdrawal registration
  • Automatic digital replenishment orders



Full control

  • Current stock levels
  • Reports on consumption and transactions



More sustainable

  • Reduces waste and over-consumption
  • Optimizes transport flow


How it works

globalamal-11-hallbarhet-834x630.jpg 1. Needs analysis
We’ll review your requirements, needs and conditions together with you, such as available areas, how the storage facility will be used and what it will contain.
globalamal-6-hallbarhet-834x630.jpg 2. Solution
Once the analysis is complete, we agree upon the best solution for you, draw up an agreement, and then plan the project.
globalamal-7-hallbarhet-834x630.jpg 3. Preparations
We’ll set up your product range, prepare the design of the storage facility and choose the best procedures for deliveries and restocking. Administrative preparations will also be carried out, such as users, access rights and order tagging.
globalamal-7-hallbarhet-834x630.jpg 4. Implementation
When the preparations are complete, the storage facility will be prepared and labeled, and your selected items will be put on the shelves. All staff will be trained before the launch of the storage facility.
globalamal-7-hallbarhet-834x630.jpg 5. Operations
We’ll develop and adapt your storage facility continually over time. Of course, you can always adapt the product range to your current needs.

Additional streamlining with complementary solutions

We are happy to help you with complementary solutions to make sure that everything is there when you need it.

Refill Service

Well help you put the products in the right place in your storage facility.

Our staff or business partners can help you with stock management, inventory, ordering, restocking, etc.



Storage Management Container Rentals Ahlsell

Container rentals

Simple and flexible storage, in or next to the workplace.

When you need extra storage space, you can rent it for shorter or longer periods via your Ahlsell contact. Read more about containers here.


Storage Management Shelving System Ahlsell

Shelving system

Durable and easy-to-use concepts for warehouses and storage facilities.



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