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Are you interested in becoming a supplier to Ahlsell or do you have questions? Feel free to contact us.

Contact details of responsible purchasing manager:

Construction – Mikaela Kron, e-mail: mikaela.kron@ahlsell.se, tel: +4687299777
Electrical – Jan Christiansen, e-mail: jan.christiansen@ahlsell.se, tel: +4686857035
Cooling – Roger Wranér, e-mail: roger.wraner@ahlsell.se, tel: +4687757739
Water & Drainage & Groundworks – Bengt Jacobsson, e-mail: bengt.jacobsson@ahlsell.se, tel: +4686857006
Ventilation & Technical Insulation – Jesper Svedberg, e-mail: jesper.svedberg@ahlsell.se, tel: +4686857057
Tools & Machinery (including Storage & Handling, Consumables, Personal Protection, Attachments and Chemical Technology) - Carl Dorninger, e-mail: carl.dorninger@ahlsell.se, tel: +4640142980
Heating & Sanitation – Karin Krüger, e-mail: karin.kruger@ahlsell.se, tel: +46104711900

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