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  • Folding Rule Ironside Wooden 2m
  • Tubing ironside
    Tubing ironside
    Hose set, braided garden hose with 3 layers, 1/2" (12.5mm) Interior black smooth PVC with anti-algae treatment; yellow exterior. Maximum working pressure 8 bar; may be used between -10°C - +50°C. Supplied with 4-piece connection set containing a screw contact, quick-release contact, stop contact, and jet nozzle. Weight: 120 g/m.
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  • Hammer ironside xxl
    Hammer ironside xxl
    Well balanced fully forged hammer with ergonomic and vibration dampening grip in multi-component material that rests nicely in your hand. Suitable for heavier jobs. The nail head is supplied with a magnet that allows for one-handed nailing.
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  • Bolt extractor kit, external Ironside
    Bolt extractor kit, external Ironside
    Bolt and screw extractor in 10 parts for disassembly of stripped, twisted bolts and screws. Also for use on most types of lock bolts, where the original tool is not available. Made from special tool steel. Conical left-oriented and full-length sockets suitable for use for nuts on threaded rods etc. 1/2" - 10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,19 mm and extractor. Comes in practical sheet metal box.
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  • Bit rate Ironside 100 parts
    Bit rate Ironside 100 parts
    Two-component box containing 100 parts; 2 x drill bit holder and 98 x 25 mm alloyed special steel drill bits with ¼" bracket.
    1 x drill bit holder 65 mm with magnet and Quick Release function
    1 x 60 mm drill bit holder
    PH 1x1, 2x7, 3x1
    PH reduced 2x3
    PZ 1x1, 2x7, 3x1
    Track 3.5, 4, 5.5
    TX 10x4, 15x7, 20x14, 25x7, 30x14, 40x4
    TXT 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 15, 20, 25, 27, 30, 40
    Allen 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6.
    Square 1x2, 2x3, 3x1
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  • Concentrate syringe Ironside 5l
    Concentrate syringe Ironside 5l
    Pressure spray for building and industrial chemicals has many applications, like Demoulding agent spraying, coating removal, concrete hardening ,fixing and maintenance of tools and machines and more. Works for the great majority of chemical products. Polypropelene (PP) tank and viton seal, which guarantees maximum safety, security and the highest performance. Nozzles (3 pcs.), two hoses (for acid and two component chemicals), 0.42 m Extension and 0.25m Flexible hose are included.
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  • Ironside Quick Square
  • Ironside Circular Saw Blade Set
  • Ironside Circular Saw Blade Set
  • Jigsaw Blade Ironside T101AOF
  • Hole Saw Set Ironside Universal
    LED headlamp, yellow/black. Functions: High/Medium/Low/Strobe/Low Strobe/SOS. Lit time: 1000lm/3h, 450lm/8,5h, 20lm/45h, Strobe/22h, Low Strobe/80h, SOS/24h. Reach: maximum 230 m. Light output: maximum 1000 lumens. Light source: XM-L2 Cree LED. Battery: 1 x 3.7V 2600mAh Li-ion, rechargeable. Charging time: 4h. Adjustable lamp head. Battery indicator. Size of boiler lamp: 67x44x53 mm. Size of battery pack: 84x49x40 mm. Tested in accordance with FL-1 standard. Supplied with batteries, USB cable with adapter, headband and 2 helmet clips.
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  • Hammer bouncefr. ironside
    Hammer bouncefr. ironside
    Striking head made from steel, filled with atomized steel powder. Bounce free. Replaceable face made from nylon for driving. With rubber handle. Weight with shaft.
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  • Tent roof 6 meters Ironside
  • Weight bag for tent Ironside
  • Grinder Ironside OSC
    Grinder Ironside OSC
    Grinder with brushless motor. Patented cooling system. Sealed circuit board. Low profile. Comfortable handle & trigger. Ergonomic support for the wrist. User-friendly speed control. Spider thread: 5/16. Orbit: 5 mm. Clips for attaching the power cord to the suction hose are included. Sound / Decibel: 71 dB(A).
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  • Soft Flame Burner Ironside
  • Mixer Ironside MX1600
    Mixer Ironside MX1600
    Robust and generously dimensioned gear housing for high torque and long service life. Soft start. Temperature monitoring, overload protection and stepless rocker switch for controlled speed until maximum speed is reached. High traction in all rev ranges. Comfortable 2-stage shifter that can be reached from the grip position without interrupting work, which is splash-protected by a rubber sleeve On / off button with lock and protection in case of power failure. Ideal for stationary operation in a mixing station. The flexible rubber cover over the switch prevents dirt from entering. No disturbances due to the switch being stuck. Ergonomically designed handle that is comfortable to hold. Four corner rubber protectors provide safe storage and transport.. Spindle lock with restart protection. Simplifies the replacement of the mixer beater. For different areas of use up to 80 L / 120L.. Mixture: Suitable for tile fix, grout, filler, glue, plaster, mortar. Standard equipment: 1 mixer beater WR2 140x600 M14 and spanner SW 22.
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  • Generator Ironside 3000W
  • Generator Ironside 4000W 230V
  • Staple ironside l
    Staple ironside l
    Staples with broad wires are recommended for sealing delicate materials such as paper, cardboard, wood fiber plates and plastic foil. The broad back of the staple holds the material securely in place. Intended for staples 2002LN and 160L.
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  • Measuring tape ironside magnet
    Measuring tape ironside magnet
    Powerful, nylon-coated, extra-broad stainless steel measuring tape with movable, reinforced magnetic end hook. Clear, double-sided millimetre grading, with a housing made from impact-resistant two-component material. Tolerance in accordance with EU precision standard II.
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  • Step Drill  Hss
    Step Drill Hss
    quick steel. cylindrical attachment. CBN-ground, which provides very sharp cutting edge. for gradually creating round holes in sheet metal, plastic, etc.
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  • Allen key set ironside 7pcs
    Allen key set ironside 7pcs
    Wrenches in practical plastic holder. Set with 7 wrenches - 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5 and 6 mm.
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  • Allen key set ironside 9pcs
    Allen key set ironside 9pcs
    Set containing 9 count long wrenches with ball, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 10 mm. Comes in flexible plastic holder.
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  • Torque Wrench Set Ironside 1/4"
  • Penlight Ironside Rechargeable 360°
    Penlight Ironside Rechargeable 360°
    Rechargeable LED lamp in black ABS plastic. Magnetic 360° articulated foot and clips with strong magnet. 2W work light and 1W top lighting. Burning time: 220lm / 2.5h and 80lm / 5.5h respectively. Brightness: Max 220 Lumen, top 80 Lumen. Light source: SMD LED. Charging time: 3h. LED indicator shows charge status. Working temperature: -10 ° - + 40 °. Supplied including fixed rechargeable 3.7V 1100 mAh Li-Ion battery and 1 m micro USB charging cable.
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  • Hose clip ironside
    Hose clip ironside
    Stainless steel hose clamp W4 with pressed steering box.
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  • Screw Extractor Set Ironside Spiral
  • Plug-In Module Ironside pliers SET A
    Plug-In Module Ironside pliers SET A
    Vanadium steel with polished protective lacquered head. Ergonomic grip sleeves in two-component materials. Includes: Combination rod 180 mm, Cutting pliers 160 mm, Nose pliers 200 mm, Polygrip pliers 240 mm. Supplied in a compact EVA foam box 403x188x30 mm.
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  • Bit ratchet ironside 1/4"
    Bit ratchet ironside 1/4"
    Chromium vanadium steel. Close-step, with 60 cogs for easy access in confined spaces. For 1/4" bits. 8 mm ring for sockets, and loosening of self-drilling screw. Length 90 mm.
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  • Measuring tape ironside self-lock
    Measuring tape ironside self-lock
    Yellow, nylon-coated steel tape measure. Fluorescent for enhanced clarity. Movable, reinforced end hook. Ergonomically-designed rubber-coated ABS housing, that fits both right and left hand users. Belt clip. Self-recoiling tape, with tape-lock and self-locking function. Graded on both sides. Clear millimetre grading. Tolerance in accordance with EU precision standard II.
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  • Ironside Drive Punch
    Ironside Drive Punch
  • Torque wrench ironside
    Torque wrench ironside
    Ratchet for clockwise torque twisting force with preset torque. Simple micrometer setting of the desired torque with a Newton meter scale. There is a clear cracking sound when the correct torque is achieved. Accuracy ± 4%. Connection size pertains to the square pin. Each torque wrench comes in an impact-resistant plastic box together with a calibration certificate.
    More info
  • Ironside Mini Grill
  • Drain Cleaner Ironside 102204
  • Bits Ironside Torx with hole
  • Bit/socket set ironside
    Bit/socket set ironside
    Plastic cassette containing 24 parts. Magnetic bit holder 1/4" socket adapter, 5 x 65 mm long magnetic sockets 8, 10, 11, 13 mm as well as 1/4".
    16 x 25 mm long bits of alloyed special steel: Phillips 1, 2, 3. Phillips with down-turned tip no. 2. Pozidriv no. 1, 2, 3. Square 1, 2, 3. Torx 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40.
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  • Bit set Ironside Slot/PH/PZ
  • Cutting disc Ironside for stainless steel
    Cutting disc Ironside for stainless steel
    New and improved generation of thin cutting discs for stainless steel. They are made of specially selected grinding grains and bonding systems that provide convincing and extraordinary results, fast and precise cutting. The cutting discs last longer and are easier to work with. Improved to achieve better cutting properties without overheating the workpiece.
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  • Protractor ironsid
    Protractor ironsid
    Steel. The disc graduated 0-180°. Matte plated. With locking screw.
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  • Webbing sling ironside
    Webbing sling ironside
    Lifting strap, 100% polyester with reinforced eyes. Safety factor 7:1. Delivered bagged with certificate and user instructions.
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  • Pencil Ironside black
  • Screwdriver ironside 8 in 1
    Screwdriver ironside 8 in 1
    Convenient multi-screwdriver with reversible blade in alloyed special steel. Specially designed blade tip that makes it suitable for use with PH0 / 1/2/3 PZ1 / 2/3 and Track 6 mm. With ergonomic designed grip in two-component material. Blade length 125mm, total length 210mm.
    More info
  • Shell tools ironside for
    Shell tools ironside for
    For stripping coaxial cable. Automatic adaptation to different cable areas. For diameters 4.8 to 7.5 mm. Strips flexible cables such as 3 x 0.75 mm², 10 mm² and 16 mm².
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