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FAQ Webshop

I have questions about a product that is available in the webshop, who do I contact?

Please contact your local sales representative. Names and phone numbers can be found in the webshop on the first page (top left) or you can use the form that is found here.

Can I see if a product is in stock in a specific store?

On the product page, you can select store to see stock balance. You can also add products to your cart and then select a specific store to check if your products are available there.

However, you cannot send your order to a specific store. All products are shipped from our central warehouse. 

How can I see if a product is availabe for pickup at a store?

You can see stock balance for products in the webshop. If you are logged in, you can also see stock balance in our central warehouse. 

I get an error message stating problems with my customer account when I try to place an order. Who do I contact?

Contact your salesperson, see My Pages > My Contact Person.

I want to change the e-mail address for my user account

You can change the e-mail address under My Pages > My User Account.

I want to see my order history

You can find your order history under My Pages > Order information and invoices. 

Can you add multiple users on the same customer number?

Yes, you can register multiple users on the same customer number. Every user needs a separate login.

Can I download agreements?

Agreements can be found under My Pages > Order Agreement. If this alternative is not available, contact your salesperson under My Pages > My Contact Person. 


I want to change my user name

It is not possible to change the user name. The e-mail address used for the account can be changed under My Pages > My User Account. 

I want to remove a web user on our customer number

Contact your salesperson under My Pages > My Contact Person.

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