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FAQ Invoices and Finance

Where can I see my most recent invoice?

When you log in to My Pages, you will find Search invoice in the menu to the left.
You can search by invoice number, order number, my order number, date.

Who do I contact with invoice questions?

Contact our Accounts Receivable at +46(8)-685 70 50 for help.

Can you get electronic invoices from Ahlsell?

Yes, we handle different formats for electronic invoicing. See information under the Shop with us/Invoicing tab

I need to increase my credit limit

Please contact your salesperson under My Pages > My Contact Person.

I have a credit note that I want to be paid out and I do not have an invoice to offset it against. What should I do?

Contact our Accounts Receivable at +46(8)-685 70 50 for help with this.

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