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Certificate Manager

NOTE! Only certificates for fastening materials and welding consumables are retrieved here.
To download material certificates according to EN10204-3.1, you must log in and go to Order Details under My Pages. See more information further down.

Collect your certificate by entering both the manufacturer’s article number from the packaging label and the batch number.

Enter these details in the fields below and click “Collect certificate”

Article number:
Batch number:


Material certificates

Customers who purchase pipes and pipe parts – stainless steel pipes and pressure vessel pipes - can now order and collect material certificate EN10204-3.1 from ahlsell.se.

Collect material certificates – how to do it

As a customer, log in to ahlsell.se – My Pages – Order information and collect the material certificate for each item line, if certificates were specified during the time of ordering.

As a user, you can also use the Project Binder under My Pages to download paid certificates.
Search for all articles with material certificate EN 10204 3.1.

  • It's possible to retrieve several different document types.
  • Select which document type you want.
  • Collect the information.
  • The package contains one folder per document type and one overview file.

If you have any questions, please contact your sales contact

If you have any questions regarding functionality or procedures, please contact your sales contact. Find your sales contact by logging into ahlsell.se/mina-sidor.

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