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Electonic Logbook Ahlsell

Electronic Logbook

Smart management of company cars

No more hassle with logbooks! Automile Pro gives you all the data you need to manage your company’s service and company cars. This saves you time and money from day one. The electronic logbook can also be integrated with Ahlsell Office’s work order, which makes your job even easier.

This service is only available on the Swedish market. 

Automile Pro is an electronic logbook subscription

  • Automile Pro documents, and gives reminders about service and maintenance
  • Complies with the Swedish Tax Agency’s regulations for logbooks
  • Hardware is installed in the vehicle’s diagnostic socket
  • Can be moved between cars
  • Automile Pro can also be connected to Ahlsell Office

Register here (link opens in a new window)

Three advantages of an electronic logbook

Save time and money
Keeping track of all car journeys and documenting them in accordance with the Swedish Tax Agency’s regulations can be very time-consuming. Instead of your employees spending time on unnecessary things, get them focused on their main tasks. Working days are most profitable when working hours are not spent on administration.


Reduce fuel consumption
With Automile, you get a clear overview of your company cars and reduce unnecessary private trips – our customers reduce their fuel consumption by 20%. After starting to use the electronic logbook from Automile, they will have more efficient use of the vehicle.


Better customer service
A digital map gives you the current position of all your vehicles and instant updates for them. With more efficient vehicle use, you can handle your customer assignments in a smarter way.

Electronic Logbook Automile

Superior performance and compatibility with different makes of car while the hardware is only 40x40x20 mm.

Electronic Logbook Installation

Easy installation that takes a few seconds and requires no tools or cable connections.


Electronic Logbook Compliance

Works in 54 countries right from the start. No complicated Bluetooth configurations or SIM card connections.

Electronic Logbook Transfer

Can be easily moved between vehicles without losing or mixing up data.


Electronic Logbook Easy Access

Gives you easy access and insight into your cars’ health and service needs.

Electronic Logbook Warranty & Insurance

Fulfills all warranty and insurance terms and conditions of the car manufacturers.

Electronic Logbook Flexible

Easy to use and designed to handle both small and large vehicle fleets.

Electronic Logbook Pricing

Simple and competitive pricing model with no hidden fees.


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