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Contact our lighting specialists

The lighting market is undergoing the biggest change since the incandescent bulb, from traditional technology to LED and control systems. We have the knowledge and resources to work with you to put together the best lighting solutions by assisting with product selection, supplier selection, planning, calculation, light calculations, and logistics. By partnering with the strongest brands, we ensure that your projects are always at the forefront of technological development.

Ahlsell’s Lighting Organization

Name Role Phone E-mail address
Joakim Ceder Specialist Salesperson, Lighting, Lower Norrland +46 (0)270-143 47 joakim.ceder@ahlsell.se
David Larsson Specialist Salesperson, Lighting, Stockholm +46 (0)8-680 62 58 david.m.larsson@ahlsell.se
Anna Hammar Specialist Salesperson, Lighting, Central +46 (0)19-21 96 67 anna.hammar@ahlsell.se
Michael Berlin Specialist Salesperson, Lighting, East +46 (0)11-21 37 93 michael.berlin@ahlsell.se
Jothanna Lund Persson Specialist Salesperson, Lighting, West (and Jönköping, Sävsjö, Nässjö and Gislaved) +46 (0)50-046 43 70 jothanna.lund.persson@ahlsell.se
Magnus Eriksson Specialist Salesperson, Lighting, West (and Jönköping, Sävsjö, Nässjö and Gislaved) +46 (0)31-742 40 61 magnus.eriksson@ahlsell.se
Peter Predler Specialist Salesperson, Lighting, South +46 (0)40-14 29 51 peter.predler@ahlsell.se
Pierre Arsenijevic Specialist Salesperson, Lighting, Southeast +46 (0)36-30 97 64 pierre.arsenijevic@ahlsell.se
Tony Uhre Technical Specialist, Lighting +46 (0)31-742 40 55 tony.uhre@ahlsell.se
Stefan Hernström Commercial Product Manager, Lighting +46 (0)8 685 70 48 stefan.hernstrom@ahlsell.se
Johan Kejler Technical Product Manager, Lighting +46 (0)8-685 70 52 johan.kejler@ahlsell.se
Urban Hultqvist Technical Product Manager, Lighting +46 (0)10-471 19 00 urban.hultqvist@ahlsell.se

Our specialist sales staff will assist you with:

  • Training/seminars
  • Light calculation
  • Lighting control
  • Energy-efficient product selection
  • System solutions
  • Logistics
  • Estimate
  • Project planning

Message from Ahlsell

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